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The commission for assessment of damage caused to the patients was formed
Minister of Health, Mr. Aurelijus Veryga approved the newly formed Commission for Assessment of Damage caused to the Patients' Health (Damage Commission) that is going to assess damage caused to the patients according to the new model of "liability without fault". It will have 7 members delegated by the institutions and non-governmental organizations that defend patients' rights.
It was confirmed that the Commission would consist of the Council member of the Lithuanian Union of Doctors, Mrs. Daiva Brogienė, member of the Lithuanian Haematologist Union, Mrs. Rita Čekauskienė, member of the Lithuanian Association "Gyvastis", Mr. Martynas Davidonis, Chairwoman of the Lithuanian Patient Forum, Mrs. Ieva Drėgvienė, Head of the Section of Statistics and Analysis of the Economic Department of the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) under the Ministry of Health, Mrs. Jūratė Sabalienė, chief specialist of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Health, Ms. Inga Skutkevičiūtė, and member of the Dispute Commission under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour, Mrs. Vitalija Šumauskienė.
According to the Minister of Health, Mr. Aurelijus Veryga, the model of "liability without fault" is completely new in Lithuania and it has been really awaited by the medics and patients; therefore, important tasks are set for tis Commission. So, the persons with necessary experience and reputation that meets all the requirements are going to work in the Commission.
"I have approved the commission that is important for full functioning of the model of "liability without fault" and so that the patients could receive a compensation for damage caused to their health in the medical institution as simply and quickly as possible. I have no doubts that the commission's members will act in compliance with clarity and transparency requirements and use all their knowledge, competences and forces to change essentially the attitude to mistakes in medicine. The mistakes should be analysed and they should teach, how to achieve better quality of services rather than be hidden. I can state boldly that implementation of this model in Lithuania is a historical turning-point," – said Minister A. Veryga.
The Ministry of Health reminds that the Government approved the rules in the yesterday's meeting that define clear procedure of application for compensation for damage caused to the patients' health. The procedure approved by the Government's resolution contains criteria for damage evaluation, establishment of its size, details inevitable damage, and provides procedure for decision-making by the commission and referral to experts for assessment of causes and scope of damage.
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The commission for assessment of damage caused to the patients was formed