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Seimas has approved the CHIF budget for year 2021
Today the Seimas (the Lithuanian Parliament) has approved the budget of Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (CHIF) for year 2021. Next year, it will amount to almost 2.5 billion euros and will be bigger by 375 million euros than this year. Such budget will create a solid foundation for the health insurance system next year.
The CHIF budget of the next year is distinguished by the fact that the amount of money necessary to secure realistic financing of the functions delegated by the State (e.g., urgent medical aid, orthopaedic technical aids, immunopreventive programme, etc.) has been allocated after a long interval – it amounts to approx. 139 million euros.
It is planned that the revenues of the CHIF budget for 2021 will consist of the following:

  • contributions of compulsory health insurance (CHI) administered by the Board of National Social Insurance Fund – 1 535 million euros, i.e., 47 million euros (3 percent) less that provided in the plan for year 2020.
  • contributions to the State budget for the persons insured from the State funds – more than 700 million euros; expected increase – 50 million euros (7.7 percent).
  • allocations from the State budget – 204 million euros; expected increase – 164 million euros.
  • other CHIF revenues – approx. 39 million euros; expected increase – 6 million euros (19 proc.).
When compared to the budget planned for 2020, the expenses bigger by 190 million euros (12.6 percent) intended for the planned health care services are provided in the CHIF budget for 2021 – they will amount to 1.7 billion euros.
The amount of 451 million euros – 91.6 million euros (25,5 percent) bigger than this year will be allocated next year to compensate medicines and medical aids. The financing of rehabilitation and treatment in sanatorium will receive 98 million euros or 34 million euros (53,3 percent) more than this year. The expenses for orthopaedic technical aids will increase by approx. 3 million euros (22.5 percent) – next year this amount will be 16.6 million euros.
Special attention will be drawn to preventive programmes, encouragement of people to participate in them, and to finance other health problems paid from the CHIF resources. 26 million euros are allocated for this purpose in the CHIF budget for year 2021.
With regard to topicalities, the resources are also allocated from the budget to increase the wages of employees of medical institutions working with Covid-19 infection by 60 – 100 %. Almost 46 million euros are planned for that purpose.
More than 220 million euros should form the reserve of CHIF budget in the beginning of 2021.

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Seimas has approved the CHIF budget for year 2021