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Seimas approved the CHIF budget
Seimas (Lithuanian Parliament) approved the significantly increased budget of Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (CHIF) for the next year. It is planned to be bigger by 245 million euros than this year and should be equal to 2,3 billion euros, where the planned expenses should be equal to 2,1 billion euros.
According to Minister Aurelijus Veryga, the safeguarding of CHIF growth for the last several years is pleasant, as this opens opportunities to increase accessibility of services to the patients and to start compensating services and drugs that have not been compensated yet.
"I am glad that CHIF budget has been growing for several successive years as it means bigger opportunities to respond to more human needs. The growing budget of the next year will allow paying new treatment services that have not been compensated previously, as well as reimburse more drugs needed for the patients, especially the ones who have cancer or are ill gravely otherwise. It is also important that we will keep the tendency to increase rates for services, thus allowing increasing wages for medics and improving their work conditions, so that specialists would like to stay and work in Lithuania," – said Minister A. Veryga.
The income of CHIF budget for 2020 will consist of the following: contributions of compulsory health insurance (CHI) administered by the National Social Insurance Fund – over 1 billion 582 million euros, contributions to the State budget for the persons insured by the State – over 650 million euros, allocations of the State budget– 40,1 million euros, and other CHIF income – approx. 32,5 million euros.
It is planned to distribute the growing resources of CHIF budget in the following way: expenses for health care services will increase by 118,3 million euros (8,5 percent); the amount bigger by 10,3 million euros (2,9 percent) will be allocated to compensate drugs and medical supplies; expenses for medical rehabilitation and treatment in sanatorium will increase by 5 million euros (8,5 percent), while expenses for orthopaedical technical means will increase by 1,5 million euros (12 percent).
As usually, bigger attention will be drawn to preventive programs and encouragement of people to participate in them, as well as to financing other health programs paid from the CHIF budget, so the amount granted for health programs and other health insurance expenses will increase by 13,7 million euros (11,6 percent).
Besides, Seimas has already approved the proposal to change the rule for use of the CHIF budget. Thus, starting from the next year, the surplus of resources in one line of budgetary expenses will be used to cover the deficit of CHIF budget in another line. This will allow safeguarding more effective and rational use and management of the CHIF resources that would be in compliance with the patients' interests more.
Health care in Lithuania is financed from the CHIF budget. CHI and its fund are administered by the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health (NHIF).
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Seimas approved the CHIF budget