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Since the official launch of the Joint Action to support the eHealth Network (JAseHN) in May 2015, the project was progressing well and a lot of milestones have been achieved. The most recent one was accomplished just last week on 15th March 2016, where 21 EU Member States successfully submitted a proposal requesting altogether €13.1 million EU funding from the eHealth call of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Telecom programme.

The CEF TELECOM CALL 2015 launched the opportunity for the eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure. The call was prepared to enable the set up of a cross-border network to exchange Patient Summaries and ePrescriptions, by focusing on the following objectives:

  • enable seamless cross-border care and secure access to patient health information between European healthcare systems, particularly with respect to the exchange of Patient Summary and ePrescription.
  • contribute to patient safety by reducing the frequency of medical errors and by providing quick access to patient health information, as well as by increasing the accessibility of a patient's own prescriptions, also when abroad.
  • provide medical personnel with life-saving information in emergency situations and reduce the repetition of diagnostic procedures.

JAseHN task 5.6 „CEF operational support" was orchestrating the preparation process with the EU Member States and thereby managed to commonly achieve a coherent and meaningful service deployment plan which enabled a strong coordinated approach for the application. The evaluation of the submitted proposals will be done by the EC's agency INEA together with the support of external experts. This process is expected to be concluded by June 2016.

The „Organisational Framework for eHealth National Contact Point" was prepared by JAseHN and adopted by the eHealth Network at the 8th meeting in November 2015. Hence, it could serve as a supporting document for the CEF application process. Besides that, JAseHN sucessfully submitted other documents like the „Refined eHealth European Interoperability Framework", the „Report on the implemenation of Patient Summary Guideline" as well as the „Report on the use of cloud computing in health" to the eHealth Network for adoption or for discussion.

Currently, JAseHN is focusing on preparing a number of documents for the upcoming 9th eHealth Network meeting that will take place on 7th June 2016 in Amsterdam.


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Press Release