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Mrs. Roma Deiva R., who recently has moved from Šiauliai to Germany (Berlin) was happy that she will be able to receive required healthcare services from German health care professionals, and the her expenses for the services received will be reimbursed from the budget of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (CHIF). Before leaving abroad the woman, who lived and paid taxes in Lithuania, had to settle down a lot of formalities, and Šiauliai Health Insurance Fund provided her with a lot of support. The formalities were settled down without delay.


This lady sent her request to the administration of Šiauliai Health Insurance Fund after relocation to Berlin. She submitted a request to issue a special certificate, ensuring reimbursement of expenses for healthcare services received in a foreign country from the budget of the CHIF, i.e., possibility to receive the same services as she used to receive living in Lithuania.

Mrs. Roma Deiva found out that such certificate should be issued within 14 days. She had all other necessary documents, however, the lady had not declared about her emigration from Lithuania. Thus, she was short in time – she had to declare about the change of residential place and to receive required certificate as soon as possible, before leaving Lithuania.

She was glad that declaration of emigrations was documented without any delay and she did not need to wait 14 days to receive the certificate. Employees of Šiauliai Health Insurance Fund being informed about speedy departure of woman arrange the time of certificate issue and produced this certificate at once. During her visit to Šiauliai Health Insurance Fund Mrs. Roma Deiva was thankful for helpfulness and expedition of employees.

"Citizens are served here readily and professionally, I am pleased with their sincere work. This is for sure not a bureaucratic institution at all", – stated Roma Deiva R., now living in Grmany.

A special certificate is a warranty of treatment

Based on the statement of Mrs. D. Širvinskaitė, employee of the Department of Citizen Services of Šiauliai HIF, all employees of health insurance funds make their best efforts to react to a request of every individual. Thus, this case was a rule, not an exception.


According to Mrs. D. Širvinskaitė this specific certificate (E121 LT) issued to Mrs. Roma Deiva R., former citizen of Šiauliai, has to be issued for the retired people of our country, covered by the compulsory health insurance (CHI) in Lithuania and gives them the right to received necessary healthcare services living in other country of the European Union (EU). A person moving to live in a foreign country without such certificate or being not aware that such certificate is required, may incur expenses and, in case, may need to pay for healthcare services him(her)self.

"This certificate is to be issued o following a submission of request to a territorial health insurance fund. Submission can be made personally or via a representative, by post or by e-mail. A request can be submitted by a healthcare institution according to a residential place of retired person from Lithuania living in other EU country", – explained the representative of Šiauliai Health Insurance Fund.


It is also important to have EHIC

Thus, it is important to know that this E121 LT form is to be issued for the retired individuals of our country, receiving any type of pension from "SODRA", when they relocate to other European country without being entitled to receive a pension from a destination country. Moreover, this certificate can be issued for retired people, who already declared emigration from Lithuania and submitted a request to issue the above mentioned form with a personal ID document and a copy of pensioner's certificate.

Each person receiving such certificate should present it to a health insurance institution of the EU destination country. A person is then registered and becomes entitled to get healthcare services under the same conditions as the insured persons of our country.

In addition, it is important to be aware, that individuals reaching retirement age receive also European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This card ensures that urgent healthcare services will be provided a foreign country and they will be paid by the means of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund.

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Atnaujinta: 2014-11-25
Medical services will be available for the Lithuanian lady living abroad