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Medical institutions will be promoted for good work results
From now on, medical institutions will be financially promoted for fulfilling another nine new good performance indicators. This is expected to help improve primary care of patients with chronic diseases, to promote rational prescription of antibiotics in treating children, to improve screening of patients with diabetes mellitus, to activate vaccination against influenza of elderly people.
The list of good performance indicators, used for measuring the activities of general practitioner, was expanded by the Order of the acting Minister of Health. The total of another 9 new good performance indicators were added to the list. The medical institutions having achieved these indicators will be financially promoted through the budget of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (CHIF).
According to Aurelijus Veryga, the acting Minister of Health, this initiative is aimed at promoting a higher quality of work of general practitioner and improving payment for the services of general practitioner team.
"We hope that the newly introduced good performance indicators will help improve outpatient care of patients with pneumonia, pyelonephritis, heart failure, ear, nose, throat infections, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and will lead to a decline in unnecessary hospitalizations due to these diseases. These diseases were selected not coincidentally: with proper treatment, these diseases can be successfully controlled on an outpatient basis", - says A. Veryga.
This innovation is also aimed at ensuring that general practitioners would prescribe antimicrobial drugs for children in a more rational way, i.e. only when it is unavoidable. Furthermore, it is expected that additional funding of medical institutions through the budget of the CHIF will allow general practitioners to more effectively monitor the course of diabetes mellitus in patients with this disease, and encourage elderly patients to seek more actively vaccination against influenza.
Up to now, in addition to the above mentioned 9 new indicators, general practitioners were promoted for 6 good performance indicators. For example, for hospitalization indicators of patients with arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus and bronchial asthma, intensity indicators of preventive examinations of children, etc.
As reported by the specialists of the National Health Insurance Fund, this year the total of EUR 32 million from the budget of the CHIF has been allocated to promote general practitioner teams to seek good performance. This is EUR 14 million more than last year.
The National Health Insurance Fund reminds that from 2008, medical institutions are evaluated according to special established scales of evaluation of the values of good performance indicators. The aim is to provide financial incentives for half of the medical institutions having achieved the established values of good performance indicators.


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Medical institutions will be promoted for good work results