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Health Insurance Fund: the second batch of flu vaccine has reached Lithuania
The second out of three batches of flu vaccine for this season – 100 thousand doses – has reached Lithuania even two weeks earlier than planned. The vaccines purchased by the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (CHIF) are intended for people in the risk group.
The distribution of 100 thousand doses of flu vaccine among the medical institutions will be started this week. It is planned that the patients will be able to ask for vaccination starting from the next week. The first batch of flu vaccines – 108 thousand doses, that reached Lithuania in the end of September has been almost exhausted.
“As we see, how active is vaccination against flu this year, what big demand for the vaccination is, the specialists of the health insurance fund did everything within their competence (and I would say, even more) to get the batch of vaccines in Lithuania sooner. It was not so easy in present situation, yet we succeeded,“ – says Mrs. Lina Reinartienė, Head of the Department of the Centralized Payment for Drugs of the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health (NHIF).
When NHIF was preparing for difficult flu season of this year that is even more aggravated by spreading coronavirus, it bought 245 thousand doses of quadrivalent flu vaccine in total. This number is bigger by even 45 percent, when compared to last year. Therefore, more than 2.3 million euros were taken from the CHIF. The third batch of flu vaccine – 37 thousand doses, should reach the medical institutions of our country in mid-December. 511 medical institutions have already received flu vaccine bought by NHIF. The institutions that have contracts with the health insurance fund receive such number of these vaccines that they have ordered.
The specialists remind that flu vaccine covered by CHIF is intended for persons, who are entitled to free vaccination. At present the following persons get free flu vaccination in Lithuania: persons over 65 years old, persons ill with chronic diseases (oncological, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, etc.), pregnant women, residents of nursing and foster homes and medical employees, whose probability to contract flu increases because of contact with ill people. As it has been announced more than once, the vaccination priority is given to medical employees this year because of evident reasons.
The World Health Organization, well-known Lithuanian medical people and epidemiologists stress the importance of vaccination in these difficult times. The residents should refer to their general practitioners for vaccination.

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Health Insurance Fund: the second batch of flu vaccine has reached Lithuania