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Good news for doctors and their patients

Incentive system is implemented since November 1: family physicians will receive remuneration for tuberculin test for 7 year old and risk groups children s, odontologists for dentistry services before  school year, psychiatrists and nurses for visiting disabled patients at home. This will result in better access to services, improved quality of services and shorterwaiting lists.


It is expected that implementation of these novelties will improve the quality of services provided for patients, access to these services, as health care professionals will be motivated to provide more such services and to receive additional financial remuneration. We believe that family practitioners will proactively examine children for tuberculosis, physicians odontologists and their assistants will be more intensively involved in children care before the start of school year as well as physicians psychiatrists and nurses will visit more often their disabled patients at home, satisfying their special needs for continuous nursing or care (assistance) due to mental or behavioural disorders.


NHIF sticks to the opinion that early diagnostics of tuberculosis is especially important. Therefore healthcare establishments will receive additional payment for tuberculin tests carried out for 7 year old and risk groups children. The number of such children is rather big. For instance, child population under 7 last year was more than 26 thousand, 20 thousand children were classified as belonging to risk groups. If all these children undergo examinations, more than 430 thousand Litas will be required from the  Compulsory Health Insurance Fund budget for the incentive services of early tuberculosis diagnostics per year.


Dental care for school students is also very important. It has been estimated that about 3 million Litas from the CHIF budget per year will be required to pay for these incentive services. NHIF points out that a service of pupil's preparation for school will be considered as provided and a payment for such service can be claimed only in case if all teeth are healthy and this is stated in person's medical records. A service shall be considered as provided after completion of treatment only. It has been expected that such a system will encourage physicians odontologists to check and assess condition of child's teeth and jaws as well as to provide dentistry treatment services, if needed.


NHIF reminds that family practitioner's institution has been continuously strengthened during the recent years. The system of payment for these services has been regularly improved aiming to ensure provision of more and various services of high quality for the patients by health care professionals. Family practitioners by now received additional payments for good performance results, services rendered for patients in rural areas as well for the provision of incentive services.


It is important to notice that implementation of incentive services allows to ensure better quality of services at the primary health care level, to diagnose diseases more precisely and earlier, to treat them and to promote prevention of certain diseases. This leads to shorter waiting lists for consultation with physicians specialists as well as reduce number of hospitalisations.


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Good news for doctors and their patients