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Another 130 million euros – for the planned salary increase for the entire medical community
​The final formalities are at the last stage of preparation, which means that in May already, the entire medical community, i.e., all healthcare workers are expected to receive a salary increase due to the allocation of additional 130 million euros from the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (CHIF). The allocation of these funds constitutes the final stage of salary increases for all healthcare workers, which was agreed back in 2017.
The increase in the salaries of medical staff is provided for in the plan for implementation of the Programme of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, as well as in agreements with medical trade unions. To this end, for the last five years in a row (2016–2020), the basic rates of health care services, which are reimbursed with CHIF, have been systematically increased.
Statistics show that in the period from September 2019 to February 2020 the average gross salary of the country's doctors was EUR 2,755, and that of nurses was EUR 1,390, and that of other staff providing personal health care services was EUR 1,226. The following aspirations have been agreed with the trade unions: nationwide, the average gross salary of doctors should be at least EUR 3,250, and that of nurses should be at least EUR 1,625.
"It is estimated that the salary fund of health care professionals, including money planned to be allocated this year, should increase by as much as 17-18 %. Actually, medical institutions are expected to receive additional funds in their account already in May", says Simona Adamkevičiūtė, Director of the Department of the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health (NHIF). "This year's plan provided for an increase in the salaries of health care specialists from September, however, taking into account the difficult situation in Lithuania, it was decided to do so without delay."
The increase in the basic prices of health care services will be compensated from the risk management funds of the CHIF reserve by the decision of Minister of Health, with the approval of the Compulsory Health Insurance Council. For this purpose, 130 million euros have been allocated from CHIF reserve funds for the 9 months of this year (from April to December), which will start reaching medical institutions in the second half of May, when higher service prices will be used to pay for services already provided in April. These funds will make it possible to increase salaries not only for doctors and nurses to the amounts agreed with the trade unions, but also for other employees of health care institutions providing personal health care services.
In addition, as previously announced, during the quarantine period in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania (from the date of its entry into force until the date of revocation), employees of medical institutions working with patients with particularly serious communicable diseases, and health care professionals involved in disease prevention in the outbreaks of particularly serious communicable diseases, will be subject to an additional 60-100% increase of the coefficients of the fixed part of the official salary (remuneration) or the monthly salary (depending on the employee remuneration system applied in the institution).
Salary increase-related expenses, incurred by medical institutions that have concluded agreements with territorial health insurance funds shall be reimbursed with PSDF funds in accordance with the procedure established by Minister of Health, and the aforementioned salary increase, calculated on the basis of the nature and complexity of the employee functions, the level of responsibility, the workload and the scope of activities, shall be carried out in accordance with the procedure established by the Government or an institution authorized by it. As soon as these procedures are adopted (they are expected to be adopted in the first days of May at the latest), territorial health insurance funds will accept applications from medical institutions for reimbursement of the above-mentioned salary increase costs.
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Another 130 million euros – for the planned salary increase for the entire medical community