• 2016-04-06

    Since the official launch of the Joint Action to support the eHealth Network (JAseHN) in May 2015, the project was progressing well and a lot of milestones have been achieved. The most recent one was accomplished just last week on 15th March 2016, where 21 EU Member States successfully submitted a proposal requesting altogether €13.1 million EU funding from the eHealth call of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Telecom programme.

  • 2014-10-31

    The National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health (NHIF) reminds that all patients covered with the compulsory health insurance (CHI) can receive all required services in health care institutions located in Lithuania of charge. Payments for all these services are made from the means of the budget of Compulsory Health Insurance Fund for health care institutions, which have entered into the agreements with the Fund.

  • 2014-10-31

    Incentive system is implemented since November 1: family physicians will receive remuneration for tuberculin test for 7 year old and risk groups children s, odontologists

  • 2014-10-28

    National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health (NHIF) and National Olympic Committee of Lithuania (NOCL) have established a partnership and henceforth will cooperate closely in organising social events. Social events will encourage people to take care about their health and that of their intimates, to pay more attention for disease prevention aiming to preclude threatening diseases as well as to overcome indifference towards healthy life style.

  • 2014-10-20

    Situation in health care sector has been improving. Patients requiring treatment, special medicines and novelties can receive more help. All these issues were discussed with Mr. Algis Sasnauskas, Director of the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) and this interview was published in the supplement "Sveikatos gidas" to the daily "Lietuvos rytas".

  • 2014-10-20

    Out of all medicines necessary for the treatment and reimbursed from the budget of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund, our citizens most often take drugs for cardiovascular, respiratory diseases and diabetes. The average price of such medicines used by one patient in the first half of this year was 329 Litas, in total 333 million Litas was spent for all prescribed reimbursable medicines and medical aids.

  • 2014-10-15

    Mrs. Roma Deiva R., who recently has moved from Šiauliai to Germany (Berlin) was happy that she will be able to receive required healthcare services from German health care professionals, and the her expenses for the services received will be reimbursed from the budget of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (CHIF). Before leaving abroad the woman, who lived and paid taxes in Lithuania, had to settle down a lot of formalities, and Šiauliai Health Insurance Fund provided her with a lot of support.

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