EU pensioners living in Lithuania
If you are an EU pensioner living in Lithuania and want to apply for Lithuanian health insurance, you need to take the following steps:

  • Contact the health insurance institution in your home country and apply for an E121 form or S1 document, which are the registration forms for pensioners.
  • If you are already in Lithuania and you do not have your E121 form or S1document with you, send (by post or personally) an application to the Territorial Health Insurance Fund (THIF) stating your name, identification number, pension number and the institution that is responsible for paying your pension. Add a copy of your passport and residence permit. The THIF applies for the E121 form on your behalf.
    Contact information of THIFs:
    Vilnius Territorial Health Insurance Fund
    Ž. Liauksmino str. 6, 01101 Vilnius, Lithuania Phone: (+370 5) 266 1364
    Fax: (+370 5) 279 1424
    Kaunas Territorial Health Insurance Fund
    Aukštaičių str. 10, 44147 Kaunas, Lithuania Phone: (+370 37) 300578
    Fax: (+370 37) 320636
    Klaipeda Territorial Health Insurance Fund
    Pievų Tako str. 38, 92236 Klaipėda, Lithuania Phone: (+370 46) 380473
    Fax: (+370 46) 381481
    Siauliai Territorial Health Insurance Fund
    Vilniaus str. 273, 76332 Šiauliai, Lithuania Phone: (+370 41) 520346
    Fax: (+370 41) 526528
    Panevezys Territorial Health Insurance Fund
    Respublikos str. 66, 35158 Panevėžys, Lithuania Phone: (+370 45) 596192
    Fax: (+370 45) 583789

  • If you already have an S1 document or E121 form with you, you should go to your nearest THIFs office to register. Please, have your S1 document or two copies of your E121 form and a document proving your identity.
  • After the Customer Services Department of the THIF has received your S1 document or E121 form, you will be registered in the database of insured persons. You will have the same rights to medical treatment and compensation as Lithuanian pensioners.

On the 1st May 2010 EU Regulation (EEB) No 1408/71 on the coordination of social security systems was replaced by EU Regulation No 883/2004.

According to the former Regulation (EEB) No 1408/71 the Lithuanian Territorial Health Insurance Fund which has registered your E121 form was responsible for issuing the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to you. The new EU legislation requires that the institution of the Member State where the person is insured by social and health insurance is responsible for issuing the EHIC to a pensioner living in another Member State.

If you receive a pension from another EU country and are registered in Lithuania on the basis of the E121 form, please enquire at the institution that issued your E121 form on how to order yourself a new EHIC. We kindly ask you to stop using your Lithuania-issued EHIC after the 1st May 2010. We would appreciate if you could return this card to the nearest THIF as soon as possible.

At the same time, we would like to assure you that the change in EU legislation only affects the issuing process of the EHIC. It does not affect your right to health care in Lithuania and if you have registered your E121 form here you still have the right to receive healthcare services in Lithuania under the same conditions as Lithuanian pensioners.

Modified: 2020-08-05